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Our mission is to provide a safe, congenial work space & gallery for its member artists, to provide educational facilities for adults and children to learn the craft of pottery, and to provide a retail space for buying local, handcrafted pieces of art where the patron can meet and see the artist working.
ACW is a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation, any contribution made is tax deductible. Your generous contributions allow this group of local artists to continue their craft and to provide classes to the community.

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Situated in the heart of Cabbagetown, an area on the east side of Atlanta known for its eclectic art community since the 1980’s, CCGW first opened its doors in 2002 on Powell Street and later moved to Woodward Avenue. Founded by a group of “starving” artists who were displaced when another studio had to close, a cooperative organization was the best option as space and equipment could be owned and shared by its members.
Now in its third incarnation with a new name, we are on to bigger and better things with a newly renovated studio and walkable neighborhood with restaurants, coffee shops, and galleries.



From its beginning, our group has been a community player participating in the Inman Park Festival & Parade for several years. With the support of our Grant Park, Inman Park, & Cabbagetown neighbors and patrons, CCGW has held several benefits on our own and with former neighbors Stone Soup and Garden*Hood to raise money for several charitable causes. After participating in Cabbagetown’s Chomp & Stomp for many years, CCGW was asked to create the 2012 Spirit Award. That award is our signature item, a specially designed garden gnome.
Now as Atlanta Clay Works we have continued to grow our community outreach with the Atlanta Empty Bowls fundraiser for the Atlanta Food Bank, refugee and veteran workshops with grants from KBOA, and more.

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